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Whilst any form of investment carries risk, it should be balanced between your appetite for taking investment risk and the goals that you have. Just as saving in a bank account can be considered a ‘safe’ option, over the longer term you may wish or need to explore ways in which your money can be made to work harder for you.
All investments will be considered and the implications of how they work for you, the effect of tax and inflation and what you would like the funds for. All of these factors and more will play a part in coming to a conclusion.
So, whether it is ‘rainy day’ funds that you wish to put aside or reviewing and saving into longer term investments, we can guide you through the various stages to ensure that any investment is tailored to your requirements.
Investing money needs careful consideration and you need to be absolutely sure of the risks involved. We not only point out the risks of investment but also the risks of inflation and the impact of your income requirements, which may mean taking little investment risk might actually be the high risk option.
Please remember that the value of investments, and the income that can be derived from them, can go down as well as up and are not guaranteed.
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